GIS & Mapping Services

Our team can tackle projects of any size

Utilizing the top GLO/GIS software and sites available, we prepare and provide our clients with detailed, customized maps of pipeline, leasehold & production.

Due Diligence & Consulting

Years of combined experience

Our Due Diligence Team will compose & negotiate settlements for all assets that are marketable, as well as manage projects between clients & third parties.

Lease Negotiation & Acquisition

Negotiating and securing the best lease terms possible

Through excellent communication, our Professional Leasing Team at RLM provides our clients with many lease negotiation services.

Document Prep, Processing & Recording

knowledgeable in recording and regulations

By way of discs, drives or e-mail we are able to quickly provide copies of any documentation needed. We are capable of handling mass lease signings as well as mass mail outs to help jump-start acquisition projects.

Title Services

We have decades of experience

We run Surface Title, Mineral Title, Right-of-Way Title, Oil & Gas Abstracts, Abstracts for Drilling Title Opinions, Division Order Title Opinions, as well as perform due diligence in any other areas of title. 

About RLM


Reservation Land Management provides the services of Land & Mineral Management. Staffed and connected with an experienced team of seasoned Landman, Land & Mineral Management professionals, accountants, attorneys, GLO & GIS specialists, and division order analysts capable of handling and managing any size project/estate and or assets belonging to our clients.

We also offer assistance to help our clients establish a royalty mineral management program for your family for future management, leasing and or sale marketing of your minerals. Our RLM professionals have acquired, leased and managed land and minerals in all of the major basins across the USA having divested in countless acres/tracts across Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Kentucky, Arkansas, Colorado, Ohio, New York, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Louisiana, Mississippi, Etc. just to name a few.

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We buy, lease, manage, trade & assist in selling Mineral Rights, Oil & Gas Royalties and Mining Claims. Fill out our form and one of our Land Management Professionals will respond in 24 hours.

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RLM Title Group LLC

RLM Acquisition Group LLC

RLM Gold & Minerals LLC

RLM Land & Timber LLC

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